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The Nevada Department of Wildlife is proud to offer you the ability to complete transactions online.

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  • Boating (Renew your Nevada boat registration or purchase a duplicate registration; Purchase AIS decal(s) for Nevada registered boats; Purchase AIS decal(s) for non-registered vessels or vessels registered out of state.)
  • Licenses (If you would like to purchase a mountain lion tag or a hunting, fishing or electronic stamp privilege including the Resource Enhancement stamp privilege. Actual physical stamps must be purchased at an NDOW office or from select vendors but are not sold electronically)
  • Duplicate Hunter Education Certificate (If you have already completed a Nevada Hunter Education course print your duplicate Hunter Education Certificate.)
  • Hunter Education Classes (If you would like to register, confirm or cancel a Hunter Education class.)
  • Fishing and other Classes (If you would like to register, confirm or cancel a Fishing or Other educational class)
  • Harvest Information Program (HIP) (If you would like to complete a Harvest Information Program Survey and obtain a validation number)
  • NDOW Homepage (to return to the home page of the Nevada Department of Wildlife web site)
Laws regarding child support mandate that any person who is required by federal law to have a social security number must provide the number to obtain a business, occupational or recreational license and certificate numbers and validation decals for boats. Federal Law - Public Law 104 - 193; Nevada Statute - NRS 488.078, 502.063, 503.5833, 504.390